«Genetically modified food: danger or opportunity?» (сочинение по плану)

✓one linker of contrast and one of addition included (слова-связки)

✓both sides of the argument presented (аргумент за и против)

✓one conditional sentence included (условное предложение)


Genetically modified food: danger or opportunity?

The topic of genetically modified food was discussed a lot, among both the scientists and regular people. But it’s still unknown whether GM products are safe or not. People have different opinions on that.

Most of the scientists think genetic engineering is very useful because of the following facts. First of all, it helps to increase the protection and the amounts of vitamins in foods. Secondly, billions of animals are raised on the GM food, and actually their heath only improved. Finally, there are no bad effects for humans found, too.

On the other hand, most of the people still believe that if they eat GM food, it will cause some unwanted changes in their bodies. Moreover, there’s an opinion that GM organisms are dangerous for the environment, because they might escape into wild populations and harm them.

In any case, the fears of genetic engineering are still theoretical, and this technology is considered safe by WHO. So I think that for now there’s no need to worry about whether the food we eat is modified or not.

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